At HAVA, we offer a wide range of ride hailing services to suit your needs. Whether you’re traveling alone or with a group, we have the perfect ride for you.

HAVA Swift

Our standard ride option for up to 3 passengers.

HAVA Classic

Our premium ride option for a more luxurious experience up to 4 passengers.


Our ride sharing option for ladies who want to feel safe.


Our larger ride option for up to 7 passengers.

HAVA Parcel

Need a parcel delivered safely and fast? Use our parcel option.


Sometimes traffic can be a bummer, use our boda option which is tracked and safe.

HAVA Green

At the heart of HAVA strategy is the push to reduce greenhouse gas emission within the transport sector by introducing HAVA green which is our line of electric vehicles.

HAVA plans to acquire 1,000 electric vehicles by the end of 2024 to empower 1,000 drivers and has partnered with infrastructure developers to ensure the charging ports are near where the drivers operate.

Mr John Kamara the founder and CEO of Adanian labs who is also a director at HAVA says we believe these
electrical and solar vehicles help us meet our sustainability goals, we will assist organizations meet their SDGs through offering them partnership with us.

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