about us

Hava Net Limited is a software development company based in Nairobi Kenya. Since 2018, we have provided modern business and technology solutions to a wide variety of clients, on a national and international level.

Our client experience includes working with organizations in industries such as construction, manufacturing and distribution, property management, land development, and more.

Not only do we deliver a software solution to help clients address the challenges of today, but we also build lasting business partnerships with our clients.



HAVA aims at balancing a Driver’s need to earn a livelihood with that of a Rider, affordable transportation across major cities and towns.


At HAVA we believe in equality of all humans. No matter your gender, race or religion HAVA will serve you with respect and dignity.


HAVA endeavors to build trust through responsible actions and honest relationships.

Word from the MD

Mr Abdifatah Mohamed

It is an extreme honor to be part of and the driving force of HAVA NET LIMITED especially highlighting the fact that it is and will continue to be my brainchild Hava Net LTD was established in 2018 as a traditional meter taxi company providing reliable and safe transport services in Nairobi Since then, it has grown from strength, even as far as becoming the market leader Since its inception HAVA NET LIMITED has emerged both as a unifying force across Kenyan borders and a transport business within purpose and remarkable achievements our
clients bear reference in this regard I am also thankful for all our clients and people l encountered in this transport market.

HAVA NET LIMITED has grown and will continue to grow to become a formidable transport business, and the rest of Kenyans recognizes what is being achieved Our new commercial strategies and brand-building strategies are dynamic and overcome its business which emerges from opposition and competition As Hava Net Limited move s forward with its business of transport, this legacy in partnership with you to contribute immensely to the development of our Kenya n economy by creating more employment opportunities and to realize another lifelong dream of mine I will continue to strive to take Hava Net Limited to even greater heights.


Our Hava Net team is led by a number of industry professionals with decades of experience in software and development. We recognize the importance of cultivating effective partnerships and staying involve with our local business community.


Hava Net Limited is committed to providing products and services of the highest possible standards to satisfy our customers expectations of quality, reliability, and service. With total customer satisfaction as our quality policy objective, we have well defined and documented quality standards.

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